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Compucon EOS 3.0Compucon EOS 3.0 Compucon EOS 3.0 Buy Out260.00 USD1187 daosde (170)
SolidThinking Inspired 8.5 - Full VersionSolidThinking Inspired 8.5 - Full Version SolidThinking Inspired 8.5 - Full Version Buy Out225.00 USD406 daosde (170)
PGCSoft CRM-Express Professional v2011.3.2.1PGCSoft CRM-Express Professional v2011.3.2.1 PGCSoft CRM-Express Professional v2011.3.2.1 Buy Out130.00 USD492 daosde (170)
TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v7.08.1677TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v7.08.1677 TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition v7.08.1677 Buy Out135.00 USD324 daosde (170)
Ergosoft TexPrint TexPrint Ergosoft TexPrint Buy Out205.00 USD980 daosde (170)
JewelCAD Pro 2.2.2 Full versionJewelCAD Pro 2.2.2 Full version JewelCAD Pro 2.2.2 Full version Buy Out240.00 USD443 daosde (170)
Micromine GBIS v7.8.0Micromine GBIS v7.8.0 Micromine GBIS v7.8.0 Buy Out125.00 USD430 daosde (170)
E-on LumenRT v1.0 +v1.3 Update Win32|64E-on LumenRT v1.0 +v1.3 Update Win32|64 E-on LumenRT v1.0 +v1.3 Update Win32|64 Buy Out160.00 USD384 daosde (170)
PTC Creo 1.0 M020 Win32/64PTC Creo 1.0 M020 Win32/64 Buy Out80.00 USD355 daosde (170)
Xilinx.ISE.Design.Suite v13.3.LINUXXilinx.ISE.Design.Suite v13.3.LINUX Xilinx.ISE.Design.Suite v13.3.LINUX Buy Out230.00 USD414 daosde (170)
SynaptiCAD Product Suite v15.00SynaptiCAD Product Suite v15.00 SynaptiCAD Product Suite v15.00 Buy Out200.00 USD464 daosde (170)
Melco DesignShop Video Training CD < Melco | Saurer >Melco DesignShop Video Training CD < Melco | Saurer > Melco DesignShop Video Training CD < Melco | Saurer > Buy Out75.00 USD552 daosde (170)
Digital Canal Products 2018.04Digital Canal Products 2018.04 Digital Canal Products 2018.04 Buy Out270.00 USD47 daosde (170)
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 12 E-Version v6.5.4.2MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 12 E-Version v6.5.4.2 MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 12 E-Version v6.5.4.2 Buy Out90.00 USD513 daosde (170)
ColorByte ImagePrint Version ImagePrint Version ColorByte ImagePrint Version Buy Out200.00 USD532 daosde (170)
CGG Hampson-Russell Suite 10.0.2CGG Hampson-Russell Suite 10.0.2 CGG Hampson-Russell Suite 10.0.2 Buy Out220.00 USD98 daosde (170)
PrePRESS Panther RIP v10.0PrePRESS Panther RIP v10.0 PrePRESS Panther RIP v10.0 Buy Out255.00 USD1195 daosde (170)
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite v11 for Mac OS X full versionCorelDRAW Graphics Suite v11 for Mac OS X full version CorelDRAW Graphics Suite v11 for Mac OS X full version Buy Out85.00 USD324 daosde (170)
DASSAULT.SYSTEMES.3DVIA.COMPOSER V6R2012.SP1.V6.8.2.1682 x86|x64DASSAULT.SYSTEMES.3DVIA.COMPOSER V6R2012.SP1.V6.8.2.1682 x86|x64 DASSAULT.SYSTEMES.3DVIA.COMPOSER V6R2012.SP1.V6.8.2.1682 x86|x64 Buy Out170.00 USD345 daosde (170)
Nexus RIP 9.1 with all optionsNexus RIP 9.1 with all options Buy Out225.00 USD591 daosde (170)
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