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   ArtPro v7.5 for Mac Item Number : 1000001531   
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ArtPro v7.5 for Mac
180.00 USD

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daosde (170) Verified Seller
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ArtPro鈩 is one of the world鈥檚 most productive and effective editors for the pre-production of labels and packaging. This workstation software, running on Apple Macintosh, includes many dedicated functions and tools to prepare the graphics for a wide array of packaging production (litho printing, ?exo printing, gravure, silk screen,...).

With more than 8000 licenses (1993-2004) sold worldwide, ArtPro has become the standard in our industry. With ArtPro, the pre-press operators can turn designs into print-ready ?les instantly, resulting in a productivity increase that remains unbeaten.

Design Import

Designs turn into fully editable ?les by taking them into ArtPro through a very robust import mechanism. Apart from extensive pre?ighting the import ?lter allows for very good control on the incoming ?le like separation remapping,on the ?y ink conversions to Opaltone®,Hexachrome®, Indichrome® or other multi-color systems, OPI swapping, font management, etc.

ArtPro鈥檚 fast and accurate vectorization module allows for bringing in designs which originate from the old conventional scanned artwork.


Once the design has been brought into an ArtPro environment, the ?le is unveiled for the operator. All objects 鈥 line art, live text or images 鈥 can be checked for shape, color, screening,transparency, blend mode and its relation in the ?le structure (compounds groups and layers).And all these parameters can easily be changed.

ArtPro allows text changes in its built-in text environment, even text that was split up due to the PostScript or PDF language can be re?owed.

All kinds of vignettes can be de?ned and images can be placed and
changed. Many image formats are supported: TIFF, EPS, DCS, PDF, etc.All ?le elements, even images, can use special inks and are not restricted to 4 colors or CMYK as ArtPro鈥檚 editing is completely built around deviceN (N separations).

ArtPro creates many industry standard bar codes and incorporates all
necessary checks for optical readability.


ArtPro includes the high performance trapping module PowerTrapper鈩, based on the new 4Stage鈩 technology, which ?awlessly handles transparencies and blend modes of today鈥檚 modern design ?les. This trapping module is completely compliant with packaging needs and knows how to handle special color pairs, opaque inks, varnishes, white plates, rich black trapping, etc.


ArtLink鈩 automatically renders different ?avors or versions of one ?le with hot links built into the ArtPro production ?le, which connect the content and the parameters of different objects to records in a database.


PowerLayout鈩 includes step & repeat solutions for many label & packaging applications. One repeat ?le supports multiple ?le formats: ArtPro, PostScript, EPS, DCS-2, TIFF, Copydot, NexusLink and PDF ?les. PowerLayout includes generic repeats with vertical and horizontal stepping, staggered steps, seamless repeat calculations,
single separation stepping for digital ?exo plate preparation and grid
repetitions for handling many different graphic ?les of the same size
(e.g. playing cards, greeting cards, credit cards,鈥).


PowerStepper鈩, an add-on module to PowerLayout generates packaging repeats based on DDES, CFF2 or VLM (Score!) retrieved
from the CAD system. Different single ?les may be combined on one
repeat, each single ?le can potentially de?ne its own station number
positioning and bleed handling.


PowerOptimizer鈩, another add-on module to PowerLayout,calculates the most economic label imposition based on a set of rules and speci?cations from the user. The calculation part of PowerOptimizer can be used on a separate station in for example the estimating department.


ArtColor鈩 is ArtPro鈥檚 module for creating and modifying contones in
a production job. Strong features are the creation of soft masks (e.g.
based on clipping paths), shadows, color corrections and separation


The PowerWarp鈩 module allows distortion of a part of or a complete graphic image to compensate for the deformation the printed product will undergo when it adopts its ?nal 3-dimensional shape. The distortions applied to the graphics are based upon grids or reference lines which are created within the same module and are dependent on the type of warping necessary, for example cups, cans, ceramics, blisters, shrink wraps and sleeves. PowerWarp grids can equally be rendered into 3D animations to evaluate the distortion before real print.
Registration Marks, Bars & Good-for-Print

ArtPro includes its own mechanism to create and customize registration marks. Marks, bars or control strips can be built by any ArtPro operator, are useable on single ?les as well as on repeats, are independent from the dimensions and the ink-set of the target ?le and can be generated on the graphic ?le or on the ?y at output.

This marks & bars mechanism combined with ArtPro鈥檚 intrinsic ArtLink鈩 functionality allows users to build self completing regmarks or good-for-print off-bleed panels.

Output 鈥 ArtView鈩 & ArtPrinter鈩

ArtPro generates output for any PostScript or PDF compatible device (proofer, imagesetter, direct-to-plate or digital printing). Output supports distortion, industry standard color management and dot gain curves. For soft proo?ng, ArtView鈩 allows customers to inspect ArtPro ?les, annotate them and output them to a local color proofer.

ArtPrinter鈩 not only allows soft proo?ng, inspection and annotation, but also high-resolution output to PostScript and PDF. ArtPrinter was designed for remote output generation of the ArtPro production ?le. User rights of ArtView and ArtPrinter are included into the ArtPro license.


PowerLock鈩 allows the creation of security screening inside your artwork. The PowerLock screening can be made invisible to the consumer and becomes visible through an authenticity checker which matches the PowerLock screening applied. PowerLock can thus prove the authenticity of the package or label and is often combined with the use of micro text.


Based on the CAD information which is the structural design of carton boxes, or based on the technical warp grid for cups and bottles, ArtPro鈥檚 ArtRender鈩 module can render a 3D animation of the cup, sleeved bottle, labeled bottle or carton box, even before the packaging is printed.

These 3D animations can be saved as images or as QuickTime® or QuickTime VR® movies.

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ArtPro v7.5 for Mac
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