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daosde (170) Verified Seller
in China
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Dimensional Modeling Tool of PCB Board

- 3D display based on powerful OpenGL graphic engine (OpenGL based view)
- Part replacement interconnected with PCB Designer
- Support 3D Library (not silkscreen elevation)
- Rotating and Zooming library
- AutoCAD DXF format supported(export to DXF 3D)
- Creation of ASCII and/or binary file type
- 3D display by choosing one among PCB components
- User-defined 3D library using 3D Library Generator
- Creation of 3D library for other PCB CAD files
- Various display types such as bare, wire frame, and solid Color and light option


- 32bit TrueColor is supported and physical shape is same with real device.
- Total environment of board is same with real production.
- Micro meter is supported for part manufacturing
- Various types of stack
Quad : 4 coordinate, 32bit Color
Hexahedron : 1 coordinate and size, 32bit Color
Arc : 1 coordinate, size and direction, 32bit Color
Cylinder : 1 coordinate, size and direction, 32bit Color
Sphere : 1 coordinate and size, 32bit Color
- By copy and move function, library can be generated easily.
- Coordinate system and direction is compatible with other CAD tools


- By Rotation, multiple layer board can be inspected.
- Clip image can generate image.
- By choosing Solid / Transparency option, real view of outline and tracks can be inspected.
- By Item search, location of item can be identified.
- 3D data can be exported as DXF file for interference inspection between PCB board and mechanical structure.
- Even before the completion of PCB design, complete board result can be realized.

PCB 3D Designer and Mechanical CAD can be combined to inspect physical interference between PCB board and mechanical structure.

Mechanical CAD's 3D modeling data and PCB 3D Designer's output data can be combined to check the interference between mockup and PCB board. In a target CAD, each model can be combined after the conversion to DXF or IGES data format.
For example, PCB 3D Designer exports 3D model PCB as DXF format file. Then mechanical CAD loads this file. As this 3D data is DXF format with surface, 'Import As' option should be selected between 'Automatic Drawing' or '3D Drawing', and 'Create Surfaces' option must be checked to convert data to mechanical CAD's surface data. File type must be selected as DXF (if source is DXF Ascii) or Binary DXF (if source is DXF Binary).
After file is loaded, screen should be divided into many screens by each direction of view, then user can have better inspection condition. If the environment is prepared, two 3D models can be merged. Initially, shade processing will show physical interference between two models. As the screen will have view from many directions, interference can be checked in any direction.
For the detail inspection, select PCB parts and one surface to be checked, then guide line on the interfered area will be generated. If the part location should be changed by the result of inspection, it can be done in mechanical CAD and transfer its coordinate and distance information can be transferred to PCB 3D Designer. After modification in PCB 3D Designer, new data is loaded again to complete inspection and modification. Updated data can be uploaded to PCB Designer through PCB 3D Designer to proceed manufacturing steps

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