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   TracePro v4.1.6 Full version Item Number : 1000001586   
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TracePro v4.1.6 Full version
205.00 USD

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daosde (170) Verified Seller
in China
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TracePro is a general raytracing program for illumination analysis, optical analysis, radiometry analysis, and photometry analysis. It is the first optics software to be based on the industry-standard ACIS solid modeling kernel from Spatial, Inc. It is also the first software to combine true solid modeling, powerful optical analysis features, strong data exchange capabilities, and an enjoyable graphical interface.

TracePro is used in a variety of analysis applications including:

* Automotive
* Aerospace
* Display
* Lighting
* Medical
* Laser Component
* Machine Vision
* Consumer Electronics

TracePro is used to model:

* illumination systems
* luminaires and light fixtures
* automotive lighting: headlights, taillights, interior and

instrument lighting

* telescopes
* camera systems
* infrared imaging systems
* remote sensing systems
* spectrometers
* light pipes and multi-mode fibers
* integrating spheres
* projection systems

TracePro has a full set of features for solving your illumination design and optical analysis problems. TracePro Expert, our flagship edition includes many advanced features as well. The following is a brief summary of TracePro features.

* CAD graphical interface including interactive zoom, pan, and rotate, render, wireframe.
* Object-oriented Windows code for unlimited capability.
* Comprehensive geometry modeling - any CAD solid model can be
imported into TracePro and ray-traced.
* CAD data exchange - import any SAT file (included with all TracePro editions), or IGES or STEP file (option).
* Healing module lets you repair faulty geometry imported from other CAD programs (option).
* Lens design file import (option) from OSLO, CODE V ZEMAX ACCOS Vt, or Sigmat.
* Silhouette, wireframe, and rendered viewing modes with graphical editing capability.
* Complete solid modeling capability including Boolean operations (intersect, subtract, and unite).
* Solid Object editing features: Move, Rotate, Scale, Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert.
* Surface editing features: Sweep and Revolve.
* Comprehensive macro language (Scheme) allows complete automation of TracePro including optimization loops.
* Monte Carlo ray tracing with variance reduction techniques (ray splitting and importance sampling).
* Properties database including many standard properties, plus user-defined properties.
路Material Properties including optical glasses, infrared materials, plastics, and more. Materials can vary versus wavelength and temperature.
路Bulk Scatter Properties including models for biological tissue.
路User-defined Bulk Scatter Properties (Expert edition) let you program your own models in a DLL.
路Surface Properties including versatile scattering model for BRDF and BTDF. Surface properties can vary versus wavelength, angle of incidence, and temperature.
路Gradient Index Properties, with all popular models and dependence on wavelength and temperature.
路Thin Film Stack Properties for modeling multi-layer optical coatings. Variation versus temperature.
路RepTilet Properties (Expert edition) for modeling repetitive micro-structures for display applications and Fresnel lenses.
* Aperture diffraction model for stray light predictions.
* Diffraction gratings with unlimited user-defined diffraction efficiencies, varying versus angle of incidence, wavelength, and temperature.
* Two ray-tracing modes for all your analysis needs.
* Polarization modeling using Stokes vectors and Mueller matrices.
* Powerful and extensive source modeling.
路Grid sources for regular or random grids of rays. Model virtual sources (sun), lasers, or point sources.
路Surface sources can be applied to any surface, even those imported from CAD programs.
+ Sources specified by flux (lumens or watts) or illuminance/irradiance (lux or watts/m2).
+ Powerful and flexible Blackbody/Graybody/Thermal source modeling.
路Import Radiant Imaging ProSource?source files.
路Define your own source using TracePro's source file format or create one using TracePro results.
路Bitmap Source (optional) module lets you use an image file (bmp, gif, jpg, or tif) as a source.
* Graphical and tabular output.
路Illuminance/Irradiance distribution for any surface in your model.
路Candela/Intensity distributions in four different formats. Export IESNA file or eulumdat file.
路Polarization state plot for any surface in your model.
路Flux report gives detailed tabulation of flux by surface and object.
路Incident Ray table shows all ray data for any surface in your model.
路 Ray History Table shows the history of all rays reaching

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TracePro v4.1.6 Full version
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